DIY Beeswax Candle Kit by Bluberry Kidsroon


Diy beeswax candle kit!

Finally, the bluberry kidsroom diy beeswax candle is back. Bigger this year, with a new wooden ornament and upcycling instructions. With this candle you are not only giving away a natural, pure product, but also the opportunity to spend time together. Quality time by Making and decorating the candle and upcycling the packaging (cardboard and tissue paper).
Happy Easter

The kit contains: 2 beeswax sheets, 1 wooden rooster ornament, 2 candle wicks, instructions, upcycling instructions for tissue paper flower (inside), rooster mask & rooster, tangram idea (on the box)

BLUBERRY KIDSROOM is a small business founded in Greece in 2019, launching fully natural products for kids and families, and attaches great importance to high quality. From choosing the start ingredients up to the packaging, they keep everything on a natural basis and always try to avoid the use of synthetic and chemical materials.


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The kit contains:
  • 2 beeswax sheets
  • 1 wooden rooster ornament
  • 2 candle wicks, instructions
  • upcycling instructions for tissue paper flower (inside)
  • rooster mask & rooster
  • tangram idea (on the box)

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