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With this Puddle Jumper Lilac Hearts, your child does not have to worry about safety in the water. This swimming aid provides ideal support to give your little one confidence while swimming. Featuring a cheerful and colorful design, the Puddle Jumper Lila Hearts is cute for children.

The Puddle Jumper is designed as a whole and consists of one part that fits comfortably around your child’s arms. This is held in place by a handy strap that provides extra safety in the water. The safety buckle on the back ensures that your child cannot remove the Puddle Jumper themselves. In addition, the inside of the Puddle Jumper is made of foam, which ensures that your child floats. This way your little one can go into the water comfortably and safely. Choose this and let your child enjoy swimming fun with confidence this summer.

At Swim Essentials they live for the summer! They sell unique and adorable summer must haves with a new collection every summer. Continuously creating a range of luxury inflatable products characterized by style, quality and functionality!

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