Fort Flexible Rubber Connectors – 18 Pieces


The 18-piece set of silicone stick connectors will kick-start your imagination as you engage with Mother Nature. It’s the perfect amount to create a world of wonder, challenge and fun on your next adventure.

Build large or small structures with natural materials gathered from the outdoors.

Ideal for fort-building, storytelling, classroom projects, camping, maker spaces, gardening, and more.

Stick Lets believe play is for everyone, not just for kids. They believe toys should have multiple purposes, but ultimately function as learning tools. They think they should be open-ended, intuitive, forgiving, gender-neutral, and driven by the imagination. They believe a good toy should last a lifetime.

Contains:18 silicone connectors, tote bag, pamphlet.


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For makers, gardeners, outdoor enthusiasts and kiddos ages 6+. The MEGA Kit includes 18 Stick-lets: (3) Birch Bark White, (3) Grasshopper Green, (3) Huckleberry Blue, (3) Starfish Red, (3) Pardon My Purple, and (3) Monarch Orange. Contains:18 silicone connectors, tote bag, pamphlet.

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